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Chiropractic Care

At Chiropractic Life in Perth, Chiropractic is at the core of our business, philosophy, and the care we provide. Our Chiropractors are experts in Thompson Technique and in fact we host Thompson Technique seminars for the UK.

The Thompson Technique, developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, is a system of using leg length to accurately and consistently analyse the spine and find the specific areas of dysfunction that need to be corrected. Our chiropractors can use a variety of different adjusting techniques to correct these areas of dysfunction and then check that they have made the changes that they set out to achieve, ultimately instilling confidence and certainty in their care, whilst offering complete comfort to the patient.


Our Care

At the end of the initial care plan you will be reassessed and provided with a copy of your evaluation and results – results that we know will speak for themselves. At Chiropractic Life we believe that your health is a life long journey so at this point we would recommend either an ongoing wellness or maintenance care plan.